At Web99 we understand importance of an efficient IT infrastructure for success of your business. In order to assist our client’s to establish and improve their IT infrastructure we also needs efficient infrastructure. At Web99 we have following different departments to bring efficiency and efficacy in our services.

  • Customer Service Department
  • Sales Department
  • Web Development Department
  • Digital Marketing & reporting Department
  • Mobile App Development Department
  • Software development & testing Department
  • Graphic & Multimedia Designing Department
  • Monitoring & maintenance Department
  • Human resource management Department
  • Cyber security and internal hardware Department


All our departments are internally work together for effective provision of service. All our teams are in-house & we do not hire or use any freelancer at any phase of our service provision. We have state of art security system at all our premises to insure privacy and security of all our customer and our business. All our employees are contracted with strict privacy and confidentiality clauses to improve overall security. We operate our business from our Sydney Head office. We also got our office in India & USA. We also got regional representatives in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Canberra.

We always open for franchising our services. Contact us for any franchising related queries on




Customised Applications


Mobile Applications


eCommerce Websites

If you are after a unique and creative approach to help your business stand out from the crowd, contact Web99 today. You will not be disappointed!

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