Web99 Aims

  • To build a competent work force that is skilled to redefine technology for designing, development, testing and deployment of any of our services for our customer.
  • To create working environment that enhances performance orientation.
  • To creates an atmosphere suitable for learning.
  • To ensure that all employees are involved in decision making process to improve diversity of product.
  • To provide all possible resources to our staff that enhance overall productivity of our staff.
  • To maximize human potential through vibrant practices and personalised services.


Happy team equals to happy customer....

We use following Strategies to Create & maintain efficient and productive workforce.


At web99, we ensure our employees have confidence about the organisation head, senior management and the values/principles of our business in general.

My Manager

Web99 ensures that all our managers are easy to communicate with and available for consultation at all time. This enable our staff to disclose any matter to higher management without any fear.

Personal Growth

At web99, we design individual training packages that address personal growth of our staff.


We ensure that our office environment is stress free to improve productivity with quality.

My team

We promote collaborative atmosphere that helps to increase team spirit among team members. We also includes variety of social outing along with Fitness or sports activities to improve team spirit.

Giving Back

Web99 always give incentives to highly performing staff member to boost their moral.

My Company

We ensure that every staff feel that his or her work has a higher purpose in web99. We also time to time provide some incentive to our highly performing staff.

Fair Deal

We always insure that our staff get their salary and all incentives as described under law.

If you are after a unique and creative approach to help your business stand out from the crowd, contact Web99 today. You will not be disappointed!

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