4-ways SEO Can Ruin Your Business

A few years ago, we got a call from a Business owner in Sydney. During the meeting, he revealed that his Website had disappeared on Google. It was shocking for him. He was confused about what could have gone wrong. He had no idea, but we did! After inquiring about his SEO agency, we knew what had happened. He had hired an offshore & cheap SEO agency, running from their so-called office in Asia. And that’s where it all went wrong!

His agency offered him SEO services at a dirt-cheap price, which tempted him. But soon, he found out it cost him way more than what he had expected!

Hiring a Cheap agency for SEO can do a lot more harm than good for your Business. Let’s check out how.

SEO can ruin your Business.

4-ways SEO can ruin your Business

Bad links

  • Links are an integral & often overlooked part of SEO. Quality links play a significant role in your Google ranking. But the problem is, link-building is a tedious task, requiring a lot of expertise.
  • That’s where the problem lies. Some Cheap SEO agencies often build poor-quality links, thinking they can fool Google. At the same time, others don’t even have a clue about link building.
  • Such websites often trigger “algorithm penalty”, resulting in the de-ranking of your Website. And if your luck has run out, someone at Google will find out the bad links on your Website & you’ll get “Manual Penalty”.
  • Such “Manual Penalty” will make your Website disappear from Google. You’ll have to do a lot of paperwork to get it up & running.
  • This is precisely what happened with the Business owner we mentioned above.
  • So a better option chose a local SEO agency in Canberra that will offer your quality results.

Poor Copy

  • Copy plays a critical role in SEO ranking. A copy crafted around the user’s search intent will rank better on Google. But when you hire an offshore SEO agency, they do not care for quality.
  • They’ll hire the cheapest writer available & random craft copies.
  • Inferior Quality copies will result in your Website ranking way below your expectation. You’ll get fewer customers & ultimately, hiring a cheap SEO agency will prove costly!

Not optimised for Mobile

  • Google declared in 2017 that it would rank websites based on how well they are optimised for Mobile. And this was no surprise as today, more than 60% of internet traffic comes from Mobile devices.
  • Unfortunately, not all SEO agencies specialise in Mobile-optimisation, especially the cheap ones.
  • So when you hire them, you can’t expect much. Sooner or later, cheap SEO agencies’ practices will ruin your Business.


  • Keyword-stuffing is an age-old tactic that was used by almost every SEO agency a few years back. It simply means placing a lot of relevant keywords on your Website. It used to help Websites rank better.
  • But soon, Google found out what SEO agencies were doing & they made a significant change.
  • They updated their algorithm in a way that any website using keyword stuffing will be deranked!
  • But cheap SEO agencies still use Keyword-stuffing, hoping it would work. But, it doesn’t & you will be penalised instead.

Closing Remarks

Today, where people use Google to search for everything, it’s important for Businesses to have a better-ranking website.

You’ll often hear agencies claiming they will give you instant SEO results at a dirt-cheap price. But the fact is, either they are blatantly lying or will use black-hat SEO tactics. Such tactics will Ruin your Website’s ranking & your Business sooner or later.

So it’s better to choose a local SEO agency that you know personally.

Otherwise, SEO WILL ruin your Business.