Guaranteed 40 New Patients Every Months

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With Web99, we don’t just promise results – we guarantee 40 new patients every month.

Unlock the Power of Web99’s Dental Digital Marketing

  • 40 New Patients, Every Month: Our custom Digital Marketing plan is designed to bring you at least 40 new patients every single month. Guaranteed.
  • Bespoke Marketing Strategies: No more generic approaches. We create a tailored strategy aligned with your distinct needs to attract those 40 new patients.
  • Focused Online Presence: Targeted and precise online campaigns that put your practice in front of potential patients actively looking for dental care.

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How We Make 40 New Patients a Reality

Expert Campaign Automation
Our in-depth digital marketing expertise makes your marketing smooth, efficient, and laser-focused on attracting new patients.

Precision Targeting
We’re committed to accurately targeting and engaging your ideal patients, ensuring that every campaign reaches the right audience.

Peace of Mind
Managing digital marketing can be overwhelming. Concentrate on caring for your patients while we take care of bringing 40 new faces to your practice every month.

Explore how our solutions can ensure those 40 new patients every month.
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Make Your Mark!

We will position you right in front of your patients when they need you most!
Digital marketing isn’t about spending a fortune and waiting for results. You need a strategy designed by experts for maximum ROI.
When you select Web99 to manage your digital marketing, here’s what you get:

  1. Strategic Campaigns: Build and implement customised campaigns to amplify your dental practice’s brand and attract new patients.
  2. SEO & Content Optimisation: Increase your online presence and draw in the right audience by optimising your content with relevant keywords.
  3. Conversion-driven Campaigns: Generate high-quality leads and increase patient enquiries through strategic campaigns aimed at maximising conversions.
  4. Service-Centric Campaigns: Highlight in-demand services such as dental implants and teeth whitening, targeting audiences specifically interested in these treatments.
  5. Marketing Automation: Automate your marketing efforts, saving time with automated processes for scheduling campaigns and interacting with your audience.
  6. In-depth Reporting: Stay updated on your digital marketing campaigns’ performance with comprehensive monthly reports that offer crucial insights and metrics.
  7. Competitor Analysis: Gain an edge over your competitors by understanding their digital marketing strategies and enhancing your own campaigns.
  8. Retargeting Existing Patients: Cultivate patient loyalty and encourage repeat business through targeted campaigns aimed at your current patient base.

Begin your digital marketing journey with Web99 today.

25+ Happy Dental Clients Impact of Our Digital Marketing Strategies

Winning Smiles – Mastering Local Market

Having difficulties with local visibility, we relied on Web99’s digital marketing strategies. They initiated location-focused campaigns, which spiked our online bookings by 50% and increased website traffic by 40%.

Miranda Dental – Strategic Targeting Miranda

We aimed to promote our aesthetic dentistry services. Web99’s strategic digital marketing campaigns magnified our online visibility, leading to a 45% increase in Invisalign and teeth whitening inquiries and a 30% increase in website conversions.

Bayview Dental – Stellar Engagement

We wanted to boost patient engagement. Web99’s digital marketing expertise facilitated user-centric content targeting, resulting in a 35% increase in patient interactions and a 20% uplift in repeat appointments.

Web99’s Pledge

When you partner with us, we ensure you receive the best results. Here's our commitment to you:

  • Swift Results: We aim to launch your digital marketing campaigns promptly, ensuring quick results. Increased
  • Online Presence: Our strategies are designed to enhance your online visibility, aiding you in reaching a larger audience and attracting more potential patients.
  • Bespoke Solutions: Understanding that each dental practice is unique, we tailor our digital marketing strategies to align with your specific objectives, audience, and brand.

Our team is poised to deliver rapid results, boost your online visibility, and provide a customised strategy that suits your dental practice.

Some Important Stats You Can't Ignore

Look at these Statistics and Make an Enlightened Choice:

  • Approximately 75% of dental practices employing digital marketing services like Web99 experience a rise in website traffic, signifying the enormous potential of this platform.
  • Over 60% of potential patients are prone to choose a dentist who utilises digital marketing services efficiently, emphasising the significant role of digital advertising in patient decision-making.
  • Digital remarketing ads can amplify conversion rates by up to 50%, accentuating the importance of targeted advertising strategies.
  • Over 65% of individuals click on digital ads when planning to avail services, underscoring its effectiveness for dental practices aiming to boost patient acquisition.
  • The cost-per-click (CPC) in the healthcare sector, including dentistry, is comparatively low, making digital marketing services a cost-effective tool for dental practices.
  • Digital marketing services can potentially reach over 90% of internet users worldwide, providing a substantial platform for dental practices to broaden their reach.
  • Conversion rates for digital marketing services in the health industry average around 3.36%, hinting at a promising return on investment for dental practices.
  • Mobile devices account for over 60% of paid clicks on digital ads, stressing the importance of mobile-optimised ads.
  • Approximately 70% of patients are more likely to book appointments with dentists who effectively use digital marketing services, emphasising the necessity of a proficiently executed advertising strategy.

Begin your digital marketing journey with Web99 today.

Boost Your Dental Practice's Success with Web99's Digital Marketing Expertise!

Are you ready to

We specialise in devising compelling, conversion-focused digital marketing strategies that deliver measurable results. Our team of experts understands the unique challenges you face in the digital landscape and is ready to help you conquer them.

Don’t miss out on the digital revolution – act now and let Web99 be your companion in success!

It’s time to secure your rightful place at the forefront of the dental industry. Together, let’s propel your dental practice’s success!

Your Queries; Our Clarifications!

Your Digital Marketing Services Concerns Addressed

Why are digital marketing services crucial for my dental practice?

Digital marketing services can dramatically increase your brand’s visibility and attract potential patients, expanding your client base.

How much do digital marketing services for dentists typically cost?

Costs vary based on the complexity and scope of campaigns, but our packages at Web99 start from $4000 plus ad spend.

How can digital marketing services help me reach more patients?

By targeting specific demographics and keywords related to your practice, digital marketing services can effectively widen your online reach and connect you with prospective patients.

How often should I employ digital marketing services?

Maintaining a steady flow of well-curated campaigns can ensure continuous visibility and patient engagement.

Can digital marketing services aid in generating more appointments?

Indeed, digital marketing services can drive traffic to your website and encourage enquiries, leading to increased appointment bookings.

What types of ads should I focus on in digital marketing services?

It’s beneficial to run a blend of search, display, and remarketing ads tailored to your audience’s needs and search behaviour.

How can I track the success of my digital marketing services efforts?

Digital marketing services provide various metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost-per-acquisition to measure your campaigns’ performance.

How can Web99 assist with chatbot and email automation for my dental practice?

We provide tailored solutions to implement chatbots and automate email marketing campaigns, complementing your digital marketing strategy.

Should I manage digital marketing services in-house or outsource them?

This depends on your resources and expertise. Outsourcing to a professional agency like Web99 can provide valuable insights and optimised campaign management.

Can digital marketing services enhance my online reputation?

Definitely, well-structured campaigns that showcase your practice’s strengths can contribute to a positive online reputation.

How can I effectively target my ideal patients with digital marketing services?

Digital marketing services enable you to target potential patients based on location, demographics, and search behaviour.

What are the benefits of automating my digital marketing campaigns?

Automation can save time, streamline ad scheduling, and enhance campaign performance.

Why is combining SEO with digital marketing services a good strategy?

This combination can improve organic search rankings while also providing immediate visibility through paid ads.

Can I integrate a chatbot and email automation into my digital marketing strategy?

Yes, integrating these elements can enhance customer service and engagement, ultimately boosting lead generation.

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Other Dentist-Specific Web99 Services

Website Development

Customised websites tailored for dental practices

Social Media Ads

Targeted advertising on popular social platforms

Google Ads

Strategic online advertising on Google

Email/SMS Automation

Automated messaging for efficient patient communication

Marketing Automation

Streamlined, automated marketing processes for dentists

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