Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A state-of-the-art SEO strategy can land your business in the top search results ensuring its visibility and exposure to the target audience. We offer results-oriented SEO services tailored to address your business’s purpose of maximum exposure.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click is an internet-based advertising model that utilizes search engines and different online platforms to display the ads to the target audience. We create campaigns that are customized to suit the business goals.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is the most creative and versatile way of connecting with your target audience. It helps you to understand your customers need through direct interaction, feedback and customer information. We help you connect, engage, build rapport with your target customers by amplifying your voice.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Our search engine marketing services are well optimized to provide a comprehensive campaign that truly defines your business in a unique way. We offer customized SEM campaigns that highlight those SEM strategies that are relevant to your business goal.

Multi Media Marketing

Multimedia marketing is the latest technique that businesses use to reach their target customers and create brand identity in their minds. We provide you the opportunity to get latest multimedia marketing services that would help you stand out in the crowd.

Our advanced Digital Marketing Tactics for accomplish success

We have unique features that give our customer a Leading position against their competitors. Our service features are effective and result drive to take your business on the path of success.

A Full-Service Agency

We are full service Digital Marketing agency capable to manage all aspects of Web presence of any business.

Performance Driven Marketing

Our digital marketing comes with in-depth strategy development for a business, whereby we define Key performance indicator (KPI) for business and evaluate ways to incorporate various web solutions to reach your business’s end goal.

In-depth Analysis

We perform in-depth analysis of your business to understand your target audience, hence we can show your customer what they are searching for. We provide a keyword analysis report based on search volume, search trend, and relevancy of keywords to your business.

Periodic Audits

We act proactively to perform regular audit of your website, this is to rectify issues related to performance of your website.

Bespoke Reporting

We do not just generate reports but we customise them to your business requirements. This is to keep our client in loop with their current marketing campaigns performance.

White-hat Techniques

We play by Google’s rules to optimise your website. In other words, our expert only uses techniques that are approved by Google for website optimisation.

Flexible & Tailored Solution

Our SEO proposals and campaigns are designed separately for each client based on their growth ambitions and budget.

Maximum Returns

We perform extensive and custom-tailored research into target keywords that give our client maximum return within their budget.


All our SEO reports are designed to focus on maintaining transparency on what works and matters to your business the most.

We have developed strategic work flow for successful web & app development solutions

We work on result & market research driven work flow to take your business on path of success. We have strategic development process that assures that web and app development get done with highest quality.

Define & Design
Competitor Analysis
Target Audience Research
Website Audit
Keyword Research
User Interface Analysis
Onsite Optimisation
Content Creation & Placement
Define & Design

This phase will focus on Consultation, market research, strategic planning, and onsite optimisation.


Web99 will consult with client to get in-depth understanding of the business, products or services, target demography, any previous or current strategies, vision for the future, current branding etc. We will also undertake a full review of current printed and digital marketing materials, and website.

Competitor Analysis

Web99 team will analyse potential competitor’s presence in current search landscape. We will then analyse their marketing strategy and digital foot print.

Target Audience Research

We will use information gained through the first two stages to research and analyse target audience search preferences to search service or product using search engine.

Website Audit

We will initiate a comprehensive website audit to identify related coding issues, errors, and search for areas for improvement.

Keyword Research

Web99 will utilise data from above mentioned stages, as well as Google analytics & keyword traffic date to draw up a list of potential target keywords.

User Interface Analysis

Web99 will enhance user experience to increase conversion rates using in-house graphic design and website development capabilities.

Onsite Optimisation

Web99 team will design a plan and implement onsite optimisation using information gathered in previous steps.

Content Creation & Placement

Web99 along with client’s assistance will create content and will place on website to enhance performance.

We perform following technical activities on Regular basis based on information from define and design phase

Link and Listing

Backlink Analysis

Web99 will analyse the client’s backlink portfolio with the specific purpose of identifying link spam. Link spam that is discovered will be either removed or disavowed. In line with the Penguin 4.0 update, Google now ignores some link spam, simply taking away any ranking factors that it might have offered without necessarily penalising it. This is taken into account during this process.

Internal Link Analysis

We will undertake a review of the website’s internal linking structure, to ensure that link juice is distributed to the priority pages and to limit the amount of link juice siphoned off by low priority pages.

Google Business Listing

Web99 will create client’s Google + and Google places listing to get business visible on Google maps. This will verify either via letter to business location or via phone calls to business by Google.

On & Off page Optimisation

Link Building

Great link building is a niche form of online PR, and is a crucial SEO strategy. Link building is a strategy that most agencies get very wrong, however it is something that Web99 excels at doing.

Content Creation

Web99 will require meaningful, interesting and engaging informational content related to client’s business and target audience on an ongoing basis. This content can be created by web99 at an extra cost or can be easily developed by client.

Social Media

Unlike, other Digital marketing agencies, Web99 will design social campaign for client as part of SEO campaign. To directly support search marketing strategy.

Structured Data/Schema Mark-up

Web99 will implement structured data and/or schema mark-up throughout the website. This will range from: review schema, local business schema and service schema to ordered lists, same-as schema, product schema, breadcrumb schema and more, as applicable. This will give our clients the best possible chance of appearing in rich answers/ rich snippets.

Content Silos

Website’s often produce content that competes internally with other content. Web99 will undertake a comprehensive review of the website’s content architecture, recommending content silos to increase the topic authority of key areas of the site.

Ongoing Analytical Review

Web99 will closely monitor site’s performance. Our granular approach to data enables us to detect subtle changes in searcher behaviour on website, enabling us to adapt the campaign as necessary.

Ongoing Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and UX Optimisation

In line with our analytical review, Web99 will use Google Tag Manager and other forms of event tracking and user-flow monitoring to enhance a website’s ability to convert visitors into enquirers/customers. We aim to capture, funnel and convert customers at different stages throughout the buying cycle.


Web99 will create detailed report of client’s digital marketing campaign on monthly bases. This report will be sent to client to view and provide us feedback if any changes require.

So, let’s start your success story with web99 digital marketing campaign…