DNS Propagation

Imagine you registered a good domain name, got a great website and launched it. But the moment you enter the site’s address, Snap. There is nothing!

Does it mean there is something wrong with your website? Or a domain name you purchased? Well, not exactly. Generally, it takes around 48 to 72 hrsfor a website to show on the new domain.

It also happens when you switch your DNS (Domain Name System) settings. It will be something called “Propagation”..

What is Propagation?
DNS propagation, as it is sometimes called, is a process in which the change in any information is sent through the World Wide Web, literally to every server that exists. It is way too much of data transmission and hence takes up considerable time. That is the reason why even after taking a website to live, it’s visible to everyone after a couple of days.

What is a DNS server?
Your websites have fancy names like ours is “Web99.com”, but a computer identifies “Web99” as a group of some numbers, e.g. 123.4**.9**.101.
DNS server is the system which translates a surfer’s desired web address into a numerical address and lands you in the right place.
This system is almost instantaneous and doesn’t take more than a fraction of second to perform. The only time it’s delayed is when there is some change in DNS settings.

What is DNS change?
Understand DNS change like this.

You just moved into your new house, but still, you receive some of your mails at your old address. The reason? You haven’t updated your new address with everyone. It may take a few days or months for you to change your address with everyone.

The same thing happens to a domain name. When you change your DNS, every server, repeat, every single one of them has to be notified regarding these changes. This change in the information might take up a day or two. That is the reason sometimes, even after the DNS change, visitors are directed to the older websites as the server might not have received the new information.

That might look like a problem, but it’s not. Gradually, every server will be updated, and then anyone visiting your site will see the latest version of it.

Is there an exact time for the completion of domain propagation?

Now that is something no one can answer precisely! Different servers might get updated at a different time, and thus it’s not possible to predict exactly when the process will be completed.

We can understand how difficult it is ready with your site and wait just for this particular reason.Rest assured, within days, your website will be up and live!