Five essentials to help you work from home!

Amidst the chaos of ongoing pandemic, if you have opted for work from home, you have done a great job in breaking the chain! But as with everything else, working from home also comes with some challenges.

It’s essential to plan your schedule, working hours, workplace, and how to separate your work-time and family-time. These tips can help you a lot to manage your work efficiently during these tough times.

So, Let's begin:

Allot specific working hours

I have seen many people working throughout the day without any particular working hours. Let me tell you this is the most unproductive way to work! It doesn’t matter how many hours you work, but if you work without a proper schedule, you won’t be able to work up to your full potential.

Create a routine and stick to it faithfully. Your body works according to a biological clock that is embedded in our system. Working according to the pre-determined method helps your body to perform more efficiently.

Take regular breaks

Breaks are a crucial part of any routine as they help your mind and body to relax. The more relaxed you feel, the more work you can churn! Even when you are working from home, take pre-defined breaks as per your company’s policy. It can be a lunch break, coffee break anything, take it! Time and again, it’s better to stop, assess your work-progress, and act accordingly. You can use various time management tools like STRETCHY, WORKRAVE, and EYELEO to take regular breaks. These tools force you to take a break by locking your screen on designated time.

Get a Customised CRM tool

Managing all the office work can be a cumbersome task when you are running your office from home. Without proper task management tools, you might struggle to accomplish your assignments on time. It’s better to have a custom-designed CRM tool that can manage your employees, handle all the virtual appointments, communicate with clients effectively and can reduce a burden on you and your staff.
Various Software companies like Web99 can help you create a tailored CRM fully dedicated to your business. Such tools are very cost-effective and can help save you some much valuable bucks right now!

Do not compromise on the quality of equipment you use

One of my friends Ethan, who recently started working from home, faced the same challenge. He opted for a used and outdated system to work from home. The result? Two days later, he was banging his head with his stupid system!
So it’s always better to spend a few more bucks on a system to avoid any future cost overruns. You can always find good quality of equipment online at affordable rates.

Define a specific Workplace

It doesn’t matter if it’s tiny, but you should have a dedicated place from which can work. It gives you a feel of professionalism and allows you to work more effectively—set rules related to your workplace about who and when one can visit it. Working from doesn’t mean you can juggle between office work and domestic work. That’s very unprofessional and might and you in serious trouble related to your work. So, it’s always better to do one thing at a time!

Apart from all these points do keep one thing in mind, never stop communicating with people. These are tough times, and although you need to maintain social distancing, do no drift away from the people. Stay connected with Social Media platforms, chat rooms, and other digital services. That will help you to tackle this pandemic easily.