Google Keyword Planner: Is it really worth all the hype?

Google Keyword Planner: Is it really worth all the hype?

Google Keyword Planner is ‘by far the most trusted & utilised tool by Digital Marketers

Literally, thousands of Businesses rely on Google Keyword Planner to devise their Digital Marketing strategies & determine what Content to write.

But what if we tell you, the numbers presented by the Google Keyword Planner are not reliable?

What if one of the most reliable tools from Google is not what you think?

You might find it hard to believe but what we are saying is an absolute truth.

In this blog, we will explain why Businesses should not rely solely on Google Keyword Planner.

1. Unreliable Traffic bucket

In Google Keyword Planner, every keyword is categorised in various groups called buckets based on their search volume.

E.g. a particular keyword falls in the back of 201,000. Ideally, this should mean that the keyword should have a search volume of 201,000.

But that’s not the case. A system in a Google Keyword Planner places a particular keyword in the next biggest basket!

Confused? Let’s make it simple. The actual search volume of the keyword is 195,000. But as the next closest bucket on the higher side is 201,000, it will be placed in that bucket!

Through research, it’s observed that the higher the volume, the higher the chances of uncertainty!

2. Rounded average Volume

Average Monthly Search Volume is the most common metric used by Digital Marketers to devise Marketing Campaigns. This data is supposed to show the average traffic volume on any particular keyword.

Let’s say you manage a Dental Website & you get two keyword recommendations,

  • Dental Implants
  • Family Dentist

Let’s say both falls in the same bucket, i.e. 201,000 buckets. So ideally, you should get the same traffic on using any of these two keywords.

But again, that’s not the case. As the name suggests, it’s the Average Monthly Search Volume. So it is possible their search volumes could be 184,000 & 218,000! The average is 201,000. The difference is stark!

3. Weird Keyword suggestions

Google Keyword Planner is notorious for recommending weird Keyword suggestions. Multiple reports suggest that almost 65% of recommendations by Google Keyword Planner are entirely out of context.

Google may try to offer broad-based keyword recommendations. But for Businesses that solely rely on Google Keyword Planner, this can ruin their budget.

Imagine burning your budget on Google Recommended results that offer zero conversions!

What are the options?

After going through these issues of Google Keyword Planner, you might be looking for an option. Unfortunately, there is no other reliable option.

If you want data from Google, there is no other option but Google Keyword Planner.

But, there is a way you can get desired results. You can hire an experienced SEO agency in Australia that offers customised services. They fuse their expertise with Google Keyword Planner & get you the top-performing keywords.

At Web99, we have helped hundreds of Businesses in Sydney scale with our tailored SEO services. We can repeat the same success for you.

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