Google lands in trouble with ACCC! What does it mean for your business?

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the leading watchdog has initiated Federal Court proceedings against Google. This is yet another lawsuit filed against the tech-giant by ACCC. Google is already facing the lawsuits from ACCC for the “location tracking” and “Fitbit deal.”

What is the issue?

Google updated its user policies in 2016 with the official goal of “delivering better user experience.” This update transformed the way Google collects and utilises personal data.

Google started combining the information from a Google account with the user’s data collected from the websites that run Google ads using cookies.

When the new policies rolled out, Google assured that these updates would help users control their data efficiently. But the ACCC thinks otherwise.

What ACCC has to say in the matter?

According to ACCC, Google altered its policies to grow its paid advertising business. ACCC further alleges that the tech giant is using the deceptively collected personal data without the “explicit informed consent” from the user.

The chairman Mr Sims believes that millions of people have fall prey to these new shady policies of Google. According to him, many users would have denied access to their information if they knew Google would use them for its paid ads.

Rod said, “We believe that people were misled into agreeing to this, that had they known that their Google services would stay the same but agreeing to this method meant they were tracked across the internet, many would not have agreed to it.”

Google's response

Google has defended its stand on the matter. Google’s spokesperson said they had updated their ad system in June 2016 to match the way users utilise Google’s services. They are sticking to their explanation of “delivering better user experience.”

But, it looks like Mr Sims is not convinced at all and he is all set to move ahead with the lawsuit. ACCC is seeking millions of dollars in the penalty and an official declaration from Google on the matter.

How this affects your business?

There are a large number of businesses that use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords. But as Mr Sims suggests, if Google is solely focused on generating more revenue for itself, how can businesses depend on it for fair and better services?

If you are spending a large portion of your budget over PPC(Paid Per Click) ads, this incident is an eye-opener. Google is notorious for creating pseudo competition in the market for specific keywords. This competition raises the bid price of such keywords, resulting in more revenue for itself.

In a nutshell, you cannot depend on Google’s paid ads for your business growth when it is busy tracking and collecting personal information of users.

So, what is the solution?

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