Google’s July Core update is complete.

How it impacts your Website?

Google’s core update of July is finally rolled out completely. As a result, you might observe a change in your Website’s ranking.

But as the updates are fully rolled out, the search results have settled completely.

So if you have lost ranking, then you need to start working on it.

What's new with Google's July Core update?

1. Quality Links

The latest Google updates have rewarded efficient On-Page & Off-page SEO practices handsomely. Especially those websites with Quality backlinks have fared very well.

For e.g.

When the Businesses were losing the ranking, all of our clients’ websites were stable. Some of our clients even witnessed improvement in the ranking.

This was the result of the quality link-building done by our experts.

2. Spam websites are still a menace

Even though Google is trying hard to eliminate any low quality & spamming websites from its result, the issue is far from over.

Google users have noticed spam websites are popping up on the first page, and even after multiple attempts, Google has failed to solve this issue.

And even after the latest update, the issue is far from over.

So if you want to stay on the top, beating such spam websites, you’ll have to connect with
the top-rated SEO agency like Web99.

3. Quality Content

Google has re-affirmed its stance on Quality content in this latest update. If your Website is using old, generic or copied content, your website ranking will suffer.

Google is hell-bent on offering the solutions to its users’ problems. So anything that Google feels is not up to the mark will be de-ranked.

So make sure your Website has top-quality & original content that solves user’s problems. If you are unable to find one, talk t our Content Creation experts & we will sort out your issue.

Why we care?

Google’s core updates immensely impact websites’ rankings, for good or bad. So knowing about it often helps Businesses to tackle the issue.

We at Web99 are committed to assisting Businesses in safeguarding their online presence. That’s the reason why we care.

What to do if your Website's ranking has taken a hit?

According to Google, you don’t have to take any swift action. There might be nothing wrong with your Website.

But, it’s not exactly true. Certain actions can get your Website back on track. We have done the same with our clients & their rankings have significantly increased over time.

Would you like to see the same results?

Talk to us today & we will help you out.