How can excellent content boost your Business?

As per multiple research and surveys, content is becoming more crucial than ever for a successful SEO campaign. The importance of quality content rose dramatically, especially after Google rolled out Panda and Penguin algorithm updates.

After these updates, Google’s search algorithm has become smarter and better. It can quickly identify any black-hat tactics used for ranking. So, the days of keyword stuffing, buying links and sneaky redirects are over for good!

Now, to adapt with these algorithm updates and to reach maximum potential customers in the right way, your content should ideally serve Three purposes.

  • It should solve a specific problem,
  • It should engage the target audience
  • It should be able to convert your target audience.

SEO and excellent content go hand in hand!

Multiple case studies and reports suggest that Google ranks a website on its search page based on the authority and relevance of the site.

SEO optimised content helps you achieve both goals efficiently.

When your website offers useful information to a visitor through well-placed content along with relevant keywords, Google takes a note of it. Google concludes that your website is providing valuable and relevant information for some specific search terms.

Moreover, relevant information creates a large number of citations (back-links), improving your authority.

If your website is successful in creating authority and offering relevant information, it ranks better on Google as compared to your competitors. And better ranking brings more potential customers to your site.

All said and done; there are multiple on-site and off-site factors that need to work in sync with compelling content. When utilised efficiently, they can play a vital role in a successful SEO campaign.

As a result-driven SEO agency, we at Web99, take a holistic approach and can help you outrank your competitors by leveraging the power of excellent content and industry best-practices!

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