How important it is for an accountant to have Website?

How important it is for an accountant to have Website?

The first business website was launched on 20 December 1990. Since then, many accounting firms have explored benefits of websites. It is evident that more than 75% of accountant firms now have their websites. This leaves 25% of accounting firms without a website. Here we will give you an insight into the importance of a website for accounting business and why web99 is an obvious choice.
Unique Identity for Your Business
A customized and professionally designed website provides your business exclusivity. This exclusivity helps your customer to differentiate you for other dozen accountants in your industry.
See how web99 can help you to gain a unique identity for your business.
Round the Clock Customer Service
Only very few accounting firms have their offices at the prime locations with 24/7 receptionist that provides business information. A website gives your client 24/7 access to important information about your business.
Credibility in Your Business
A credible appearance of a website can give your customer a confidence that your business is trustworthy, knowledgeable and real. Hence, a credible website can bring a massive benefit to your business name. Web99 has assisted clients to improve credibility of their website using unique web designing and content placement techniques.
(Read our article How Web99 can help you get a credible website)

Professionalism explains the standard mode of operation for any profession. Your website can assist you to exhibit quality standards, evolving business process, and business tools to your customer. This core element will put you in the front row against your competitor when your customer seeks a professional advice.

Long-Term Relationship with Existing Customers
An accountant requires maintaining the line of communication with their customer at all times to get a continuous flow of work, referral to new customers and more work from existing customer. A professionally designed website with a feature of subscriber module, Social media connections, blogs and new update section can assist you to stay well connected.

Build Online Reputation of Brand
A simple definition of branding suggests, “A brand is one’s significant and differentiated presence in the market”. Branding helps not just in obtaining new customers but also the retention of existing customers. A website can assist an accountant to enhance the online reputation of its brand through personalized designing, content writing & placement, and uniformity in designing. Web99 has assisted many customers in the online brand creation and maintenance using tailored designing and development skills. Furthermore, Web99 has in-house graphics and a multimedia designing team that works along with our user interface designers and web developers to create uniformity in branding across digital and in office marketing tools.

Why should you choose Web99 for an accountant’s website?

Our simple goal is to provide you with online platform that gives you edge against your competitors, improve your brand value, and maximise return on your investment.
We do not use readymade market place templates (It’s a Guarantee). Your website will be designed and coded from the scratch.

Customised to Lead
Your website will be designed and developed from website checklist filled by you. This ensures every aspect of your business brand has been incorporated into your website. This indicates cohesion and coherence of your brand and needs throughout your website. The checklist covers aspects of your business personalization that makes you unique from the competition. This enables us to highlight your specialized elements showcased to your customers.

We got it all covered under one roof
You will get all services from logo designing to Digital marketing under one roof. This helps you to spend more time on business development and not hassling with multiple providers. Moreover, we have in-house customized CRMs to get your business a professional and tech-savvy start. You will also get printing at trader price using our bulk buy agreements with trade printers.

Privacy is our priority:
Your business idea is always secure with Web99. We do not hire any freelancer or outsource any of our work. This gives you peace of mind and sense of confidence while you work with us.

Maintenance at fixed price
All your web development, web application development, and mobile app development will be backed up by a fixed price annual maintenance contracts. This contract includes a comprehensive list of services from security, regular updates to minor upgrades at one fixed price (usually 20-40% of total development cost). These maintenance contracts assist you to keep your running cost low and keep you updated at all times.

Truly Local
We are based in Sydney with a representative network in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, and Hobart. This enhances our understanding of your target audience, business perception, and norms of business. Moreover, it makes it possible for us to visit your premises to understand your business better.

Web99 Website Design & Development Services

We are experienced in designing and development of accountant’s website that deliver results. Web99 is an end to end web development, digital marketing, and designing firm. We can assist accountants in the following services:
1. Logo creation
2. Website development
3. Digital marketing
4. Mobile app Development
5. Printing media designing
6. Customised Customer relationship management (CRM) development

Logo Creation
We have designed, developed and marketed interactive and customised Logos for many accountant websites. Our designed logos help build the brand image of the accountants to give them unique brand value in the market. (Click here to see our demo) Hyperlink to images of accountant websites created by us if we don’t have any website then takes to original website in new tab.
Website Development
Web99 ensures to provide state of the art website development services for its accountant clients. The aim is to provide each client with unique display, better customer engagement and allow maximum flow of clients. Our team uses creative and customized ways to create distinctive websites for each client.
Website Content Management
You will get a website with a state of the art content management system that will allow you to update any written content quickly and easily to provide your customer up to date information about company laws, regulation changes, update to existing and newly released ATO Legislations, a simple checklist for budget, changes in interest rates and tax effects.
At web99, we provide you easy to use content management application. This way you can easily provide blogs, news updates, links to important government websites, various checklists, and other regular update to your customer. This information not just provide your customer value up front, but also your customer will see you as an expert, market leader, and an authority.
Customised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Development
You can even add subscription module on your website that can lead subscriber data to bulk email system (mailchimp) or excel sheet. This way you can keep in touch with your customer on regular basis via newsletters. We also provide service of designing the newsletter templates for mailchimp that can be easily altered by you to meet your requirements.
Our accountant websites can also have log in for each customer that can be connected to existing Customer Relationship Management System or accounting software. This way you can provide your client live tracking of work, and effective communication whilst maintaining privacy and security of client’s accounting data.
Moreover we can design, and develop fully customised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that can digitalise your paper work, but not limited to provide customer options of customised calculator (tax calculators, payroll calculators and many more).
Digital Marketing
We also encourage our accountant clients for digital marketing to increase sales and also to connect to a broad range of clients. Digital marketing can also include regular posting on social media, blogs, and website. We can create tailored articles using our industry based content writer or Accountant can provide their own articles that we can add value to using our designing skills before publishing to different digital platforms. We also post on social media platforms on regular basis as a part of our digital marketing package that helps our accountant to maintain a line of social communication with the client.
Printing Media Designing
At web99, as an accountant client you can also get professional printing media and multimedia designing service which is backed by our trade printing services. You will be provided with an exclusive trade rate for all your printing needs like signage, Business cards, flyers, brochures, and presentation folders. We also pass our trade experience and connections to source you industries best rate for promotional materials.
Mobile App Development
Web99’s accountant website designers have designed and developed accountant mobile apps as well. These apps offer customised, interactive and easy to use calculators that can be used for loan payout, tax calculation, and many other accounting calculations. This allows existing and prospective clients to work out income after taxes and expenditure.
Contact Us Now
Contact our web99 designing team at 1300 4web99 (1300 493 299) to explore how we can help you to create and marketing accountant’s practice website that can support your presence on digital platforms.
We have our office in Sydney. However, we are just phone call away for any client across Australia. We also have our representatives in Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Cains, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart and sunshine coast.

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