How video content can boost your SEO?

If you are in an online business, it’s obvious you know what SEO is. You might have read numerous articles about “What is SEO? “, “How to improve your SEO?” “How SEO can be beneficial for your business?” and much more. You might have read various “tips” and “techniques” which can improve your SEO. Today, we are going to talk about something different.

What if I tell you, adding a video can transform your website into a lead churning monster! Yup, you heard it right, a video. To understand how a good video can improve your website’s performance, let’s first discuss how people traditionally use SEO.

How videos became relevant?

In the mid-1990s, Bill Gates(yeah, the mighty Microsoft Billionaire guy!) once said, “Content is the king,” and all hell broke loose! Every website, every landing page, every social media post follows those Golden words from Bill Gates. Today every site is optimized around the written content on the website. But, of course, there is but! from the last few years, different content is making its way into the world of websites. Yup, you guessed in the right, VIDEO! From the previous few years, every primary business around the globe is opting for video content on its website. The reason? Video is becoming one of the essential forms of digital and content marketing. Compelling video content can improve your SEO drastically. Let’s understand how and why.

What is so special about videos?

What do you think is more engaging? Are long paragraphs full of information and raw data or a creative and enticing Audio-Visual content? It’s simple; videos tend to engage more people than written content. People love emotions, and the video does exactly that! It engages people emotionally. The more informative and engaging video you post on your website, the more time people will spend on your website.

How can they be helpful in SEO?

With every passing day, Google and its algorithm are getting smarter and intelligent. Google’s algorithms are giving more and more priority to websites with video content. This means, if you want a better ranking on Google’s SERPs, compelling videos are the way to go! A study suggests around 60% of people tend o click on the first three links that appear on Google SERPs. This fact compels you to device your SEO strategy keeping this goal in mind.

Videos can help improve your ranking on SERPs in the following manner:

  • Can drive more organic traffic on your website by luring people to click on the video
  • Can reduce bounce rate by keeping people engaged

Of course, you cannot rely on the video alone for a better ranking. To keep your video relevant, you need to support it with proper content.
Videos land more people on your website; more people will read the actual content on your website. If your content is weak or unimpressive, people are going to bounce, and you will lose the top spot. So, it’s imperative, you back a good quality video with the best quality content. No compromise there!

Learn how to create an engaging video to boost your SEO with our free guide for better SEO.