For businesses to operate efficiently and communicate robustly, having a dedicated and business-specific network is crucial. A tailored network solution can provide you with the necessary infrastructure and features to support your business needs. Additionally, protecting your customers’ private data is of utmost importance. With a robust firewall system in place, you can ensure that your network is secure and that your customers’ information is protected at all times.





Managed Broadband Services

Your business needs fast, reliable, and superfast broadband services that run on a business-only network. Our dedicated routers ensure reliable connectivity with efficient practices like load balancing and necessary content filters.

What’s included in our BroadBand Services?

Load Balance Broadband

  • A system where a dedicated router is attached to more than one system to ensure optimised and fail-proof broadband connection.

Bonded Broadband

  • More than one ADSL line merged to offer a seamless upload and download experience with greater speed.

Fibre Broadband

  • Experience lightning-fast broadband services with our fibre broadband. With our top-quality fibre broadband, we will ensure you get highly responsive and quick communication.
Tailored VoIP Services

We believe efficient communication is key to a successful business. So our dedicated VoIP services are crafted to ensure seamless communication within your organisation on-site and off-site.

What’s included in our VoIP services?

Cloud-based mPBX

  • Stay connected with prospects with our tailored business phone system, crafted for Australian businesses.

1800/1300 Business Numbers

  • Give your business a professional touch with an affordable non-geographic business number.

SIP trunking

  • Bid adieu to the old PSTN system and connect on-site IP PBX and save more.
Managed Networking Solutions

As thousands of Australian businesses are targeted by hackers every year, your business needs a fully managed networking solution.

We understand how critical it is to protect your mission-critical data from online threats. You need an active network firewall that prevents you from visiting potentially hasardous websites.

This can help you create a safe and secure working environment and protect your client’s data.

Every business is unique and needs fully tailored and secure networking solutions. At Web99, we offer fully customised and business-specific networking solutions that help keep your businesses safe and grow.

Managed IT solutions

How great would it be if you had to dial a single number to solve every IT problem?

The IT industry is chaotic, so it is vital to have an expert’s opinion when it comes to IT solutions. The headache of reaching different agencies for hosting, designing, developing, marketing, and security solutions can impact your business efficacy.

We offer comprehensive IT support and consultation services that help you keep your business digital-ready. Whether you are our existing customer or not, we will offer our consultation services anyway!

Fortunately, we bring you a complete and managed IT solution that solves your every IT problem. Whatever you need, just talk to us, and we will be ready to assist.

Adopt the future of communication today

Supercharge your business with our high-performance ICT services.


We take pride in our Australian-based servers and technical team that enable us to offer 99.9% uptime. With our robust infrastructure and reliable system, we ensure that you remain connected 24/7.


In the fast-paced and ever-changing IT industry, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest technologies and solutions. That’s why our team of experts offers comprehensive IT support and consultation services to help you stay ahead of the game. Whether you’re a current client or not, we’re always happy to offer our expert advice and guidance to help you make informed decisions about your IT needs.
Don’t let IT chaos slow down your business. Come visit us for any IT assistance you need, and we’ll be glad to help!

Empower your Business today

How can our ICT services benefit your business?

Cutting-edge Functionality

Experience multiple advanced features that will help you deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Cost Savings

Eliminate line rentals, expensive on-site PBX, and high call tariffs with our system. Enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time, and reduce your expenses.

Keep Your Number

Take advantage of our mobile number portability feature, which allows you to keep your phone number across Australia, even if you move out of your phone exchange.

Expert Support

Our team of Australian support executives are the same individuals who designed the system, ensuring that you receive expert assistance rather than talking to sales agents.

Custom Solutions

If you can't find what you're looking for, let us create a tailored solution for your unique business needs.