Is it Safe to share cPanel or FTP access to your SEO agency?

Is it Safe to share cPanel or FTP access to your SEO agency?

When you hire an SEO agency, it’s common for them to ask for your Web hosting logins, FTP details cPanel logins to set up your SEO campaign

SEO agencies will have to modify files on your server for better SEO results on Google Index. This is a valid request & there is nothing wrong with it. But you have to be cautious! cPanel & FTP access is extremely sensitive information that offers unlimited Control of your Business Data & Digital connection to the Agency. So, before you rush, there are certain steps you need to follow for Security.

In this blog, we will discuss the best approach & some expert tips.

Let’s start the conversation with why SEO Agencies need access to such details.

Why do your SEO agencies need access to your FTP & CPanel?

There 4 primary reasons for this:

To add or modify certain website information that is inaccessible via CMS (Content Management System).

To add or modify a Verification file for managing your Website’s ranking in Analytics Console. (Google Console or Adobe Marketing Console)

To control the Googlebot & other crawlers programs in crawling on your Website.

To create redirects by editing .htaccess files

How to stay safe?

The best way to ensure 100% safety is by hiring a local Australian SEO agency. This ensures Accountability, Privacy & Security of your valuable Business Information.


Australian laws do not have authority over them. That’s why you cannot trust them with your Business information. There have been multiple incidents where overseas scammer networks posed as cheap SEO agencies to gain access to Businesses’ Websites.

Some additional tips for enhanced Security

Do not provide credentials of your e-mail account that is connected with your Domain name. Instead, create a sub-account using the SEO agency’s own email address with limited access.

Do not provide Admin access of your Website to your SEO agency. Instead, provide a sub-account on cPanel with limited permissions.

Why are these measures important?

This approach is surely a bit more complex than offering direct access. And if your Agency gets annoyed due to this, it’s understandable,

But no matter what, you must stick to it for securing your Business Data & your Customers’ information.

The reason is, you cannot trust any agency blindly. Being a Leading SEO agency in Canberra & Sydney, we have come across multiple clients who have faced Data-breach by ignoring these guidelines.

That’s the reason we created this blog to safeguard other Businesses.

Certain off-shore SEO agencies can place malicious codes on your server. This offers them access to your Website, even after you change your login credentials. So when you hire a local SEO agency in Canberra or Sydney, you eliminate much of this risk.

Your Website & other Digital assets are critical for the success of your Business. So make sure you secure them at any cost. Moreover, there are severe Government penalties for Data-breaches due to unregulated Business practices.

We are assisting Businesses in Sydney & Canberra to achieve top-rank in Google’s Organic search results.

If you need any more information about SEO or Digital Marketing, feel free to reach out.

We will be glad to assist you.

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