Keywords for successful SEO strategy

Keywords for successful SEO strategy

What are Keywords?

They are words or phrases that people enter in the search engine while looking for some information. We can classify these keywords into three categories. When you are trying to create compelling content that can drive organic and paid search, you should employ all three type of keywords.

Let’s take a look

Long-tail Keywords

Let’s say you are looking for a coffee while working in your office. You hit the phrase “best espresso near Grosvenor Place, Sydney”. Such Long-tail Keywords are precise. These keywords might not drive a lot of traffic as they are very specific in nature. But due to lower competition, they are very affordable.

If your website is optimised around these keywords, they will offer a maximum conversion ratio.

Broad match Keywords

These keywords are less specific than Long-tail keywords. For, e.g. “Best espresso near me”. Due to lower traffic, CPC(cost per click) is more economical than Generic keywords. These keywords help drive medium traffic and have a higher conversion rate than Generic keywords. Thus, they are the heart of any SEO(search engine optimisation) campaign.

When you build your content around these keywords, you can get maximum ROI.

Generic Keywords

These are very common words or phrases. For, e.g. “Espresso”. A lot of websites compete for these keywords resulting in very high CPC(cost per click). These keywords are inclusive in a sense, and hence the traffic generated by these keywords have a meagre conversion rate.
Generally, SEO(search engine optimisation) experts avoid these keywords due to higher competition and higher cost.

But for a comprehensive strategy, you must include few Generic Keywords in your content. This will help you grab even the slimmest opportunity to make a sale.

Choosing the right keywords might be difficult as it can make or break your business. Cherry-picking the right combination of all the three types of keywords can help you develop a compelling website that gives you maximum ROI.

Our team of experts can help you choose just the right keywords for a balanced optimisation.

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