LinkedIn hacks to grow your business

Almost 30 million companies use LinkedIn, why? Because LinkedIn is a Professional Social Network at its core. You can connect, interact, and sell your products and services to these professionals via LinkedIn.

All you need is a LinkedIn profile and follow these five hacks!

Create Highly Targeted Connections

LinkedIn offers unmatched targeting for your digital marketing campaign. You can precisely target the specific industry, company size, and position of people who might want to buy your product.

Let’s say you are offering bookkeeping services to small-sized companies in Sydney. You can make your ads visible only to the companies having less than 80 employees, based in Sydney- and within the company, only to the people handling accounts and bookkeeping!

Create an email marketing list

Creating a personalised email marketing list is extremely useful. Craft a letter thanking your connections for connecting on LinkedIn. Send them an invitation to be a part of your email marketing list. You can message up to 50 people at a time on LinkedIn.

Include a link for the email signup in the letter itself. Don’t forget to inform them of what they will receive after signing up to your list. This list can come in handy while advertising your products and services.

Post high-quality content

This is imperative. Posting high quality and targeted content engage more viewers, improving conversions. Keep your copy short and attractive. Adding images and videos to your posts can drive much engagement.

LinkedIn says content with personalised images attract 98% more comments and posts with videos get five times more engagement!

Write a detailed Summary

LinkedIn allows you to use 2,000 characters in the Summary section. Pen down a persuasive, easy to understand and informative summary. Don’t forget to include contact information at the bottom.

Most of the time, people like to connect with a person instead of a business. So they try to locate you on LinkedIn before they go to your business website. So make sure your Summary should be pitch-perfect.

Avoid Hard Selling

The days of hard selling on any social media platforms are long gone! So do not interrupt people by pushing your ads and try to be found naturally.

Work more on inbound marketing and let people come to you!

Wrapping up

LinkedIn is a tool to connect with like minded business professionals. Handling it efficiently can be a challenging task. Make sure you avoid any malicious and spam connections as they can hamper your reputation.

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