Web Application Development

We specialise in creating user-centered software and web applications that streamline your business processes and enhance your customers’ experience. Our focus on user needs ensures that our solutions are intuitive, efficient, and effective.

We employ result-driven strategies and holistic approaches to create high-performing web applications that cater to your business needs. Our personalised services provide you with full control and transparency throughout the development process, ensuring your satisfaction with the end product.

Mobile App Development

Build your mobile app from scratch!

Let our mobile development team help you create your mobile app from scratch. We’ll work with you to analyze your requirements and develop a customised app that meets your needs. Our in-house team of developers, designers, and strategists will ensure that the final product is user-centered and aligned with your goals.

API & Plugins Development

Custom API & plugin development for seamless website operations!

We provide custom API & Plugins development and integration services for websites, offering fully personalised solutions for both new and legacy applications.

Got a business idea to get started?

We can help bring it to life!

Why build with Web99?

At our agency, we recognise that each business has its distinct needs, and we create fully personalised solutions to meet those needs. Our team of experts ensures exceptional outcomes that enable you to increase your return on investment and conversion rates.

  • A team well-versed in every technology
  • All-platform compatible apps
  • ROI-driven approach
  • Regular progress updates
Our Process

Our refined processes ensure that we exceed your expectations in delivering customised web applications.

At Web 99, we follow a well-established methodology to ensure that we provide our clients with fully customised web applications that meet their unique needs.

Here’s how we do it:


Strategy Development

We start by understanding your requirements, business processes, existing infrastructure, users, competitors, and future goals. We put all your thoughts on paper and take them back to our team for technical analysis and strategy development.


Analysis and Architecture

We then explore possibilities, analyse your requirements, and create wireframes, visuals, and prototypes to show you what we will develop for you. We perform consultation, enhancement, and approval rounds with you until we have a functional flow, wireframes, and visuals that meet your approval.



Our development team engineers your web application using the latest technology, frameworks, and data structures. We ensure that everything we develop for you is functionally compatible with platforms and security standards. Our engineered web applications are designed to ensure easy scalability and future connectivity.



Once the web application is ready, we deploy it on a custom hosting infrastructure that best suits your traffic and space requirements. We ensure that the hosting plan is scalable, secure, fully managed, and has a plan to avoid downtime. Our customised launch strategy ensures deployment in a planned manner without technical issues.


Improvements & Maintenance

We continuously enhance the system functionality and user experience by evaluating user feedback. We also consult with you again to ensure that we delivered everything beyond your expectations. This can then go into a cycle of continuous development of new features and connections for improvement. Web 99’s maintenance program ensures your product continuously works without any errors.

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