Outsourcing your web development off-shore?

Outsourcing your web development off-shore?

Read this before you do!

Have you ever thought of outsourcing your web development to off-shore developers?

If you have, you are not alone. Many businesses in Australia are lured to the developers in China, Singapore, India & Pakistan as they offer their services are dirt-cheap rates. But, is it worth the risk? What challenges lay ahead while outsourcing to an offshore web developer?

Many businesses have returned to the Australia-based web developers in the recent time after having a bitter experience with the off-shore developers. There are many reasons why off-shore might not be suitable for every Business.

Let’s check out what can go wrong with an off-shore developer.

Things that can go wrong with off-shore developers

1. Lack of Creativity

Off-shore web developers operate like an automated assembly line, and that’s why they are cheap. They have pre-fabricated designs which they use for hundreds of clients so if you are looking for creativity in off-shore developers, best of luck!

But, Australia-based web developers like Web99 invest a lot to fuel creativity. They have a team of quality developers with specialised skill-sets who craft tailored web solutions around your unique Business.

2. Communication gaps

This is another major challenge while working with an off-shore web developer. Although these developers have an agent-based in Australia, you can’t communicate with the developers directly. This will result in miscommunication, and the deadlines will be pushed back regularly. The result will be a cheap, unattractive and practically useless website.

On the contrary, when you work with local developers, you can directly touch the web developers. This helps you better communicate your ideas and get the desired results.

3. No connection with Australian customers

No one understands Australians better than Australians! Australian Consumer’s behaviour is radically different. Various studies suggest that proven marketing tactics in another part of the world might not work at all in Australia! So a non-Australian developer can’t understand local consumer behaviour and craft the solutions like an Australian developer.

4. Poor quality

We live in a capitalist world, so you get what you pay for! If you are expecting top-notch quality results from cheap off-shore developers, you will be disappointed. Once you outsource your web development, your project is distributed amongst multiple developers, so the end result is a patchwork of the in-efficient website that doesn’t perform as expected.

5. Security concerns

Would you let some stranger handle all your business-critical information whom you have never met? We won’t! We agree that not every off-shore developer is a cheat, but I definitely will not want some stranger to access my website’s code and other details.

Conclusive thoughts

Websites are all about offering a rich user experience to web visitors. Your website is like your 24×7 office. So compromising on it can impact your business drastically.

At first, Australian web developers might seem like an expensive investment. But when you calculate ROI and results, you will understand that this is the investment that pays off for sure! When you chose and Australian developers, they offer what off-shore developers can’t: Creativity, Reliability & Security!

What are your thoughts on this?

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Really awesome Ideas You Have shared for the community, Thank you for sharing.

Lokesh C
1 year ago

Thanks for publish this useful post

Website Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing web development to offshore developers indeed tempts businesses with cost-saving opportunities, particularly from regions like China, Singapore, India, and Pakistan. However, despite the allure of low rates, the risks and challenges associated with this approach cannot be overlooked. Issues often arise concerning communication barriers, cultural differences impacting project understanding, time zone disparities affecting collaboration, and varying work standards and ethics. Many Australian businesses have encountered setbacks and frustrations, leading to a shift back to local developers due to poor experiences with offshore teams. The allure of affordability may not always align with the quality, reliability, and compatibility necessary for seamless web development, emphasizing why offshore options might not suit every business’s needs.

2 months ago

Considering outsourcing web development offshore for cost-saving might seem like a good idea, but it often comes with communication issues and varying work standards. Opting for local developers like Web99 ensures better communication, creativity, and understanding of the Australian market. Check out this article on custom software development benefits – it’s worth a read! https://attractgroup.com/blog/how-custom-software-development-can-benefit-your-business/

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