Stay uninterrupted with Smooth Servers!

Servers are machines and machines are prone to breakdown. For any data-driven firm, the security and reliability of Server is the first and foremost prerequisite.

Today, every firm collects an enormous volume of data, including some private information of its clients. This fact makes Servers, a lucrative target for Hackers.

Moreover, Servers are like the backbone of any IT industry and hence, must function flawlessly. Any server breakdown can cost your firm dearly in terms of finance and prestige.

Hence, it becomes crucial for any firm to monitor and secure its Servers regularly. Few bucks can save you hours of downtime and thousands of dollars in terms of revenue losses

How it's done?

Maintaining a Server includes cumbersome tasks such as regular backups, system Redundancy checks, Security patch updates, OS updates, monitoring disk usage, checking remote management tools, changing passwords and much more.
So, it’s better to hire a professional firm like WEb99 and outsource your Server maintenance task.
Why Web99?

Full-suite Maintenance Service

Server maintenance is a daunting task as it requires unique sets of skills and patience of a vulture! Fortunately, our IT nerds have them both in just the right amount.
We excel in providing regular maintenance for every type of Server, whether it’s Unix based or Win2k based. We tailor-craft our services to fit your business needs and time.

Services for Scalable Website

With a growing business, your site grows, and so dies the problems. We provide flexible maintenance services to accommodate your ever-changing needs. We will scale our solutions according to your website’s requirements.

We take things, personally!

Our dedicated team will look after your servers like their own! With our Server Maintenance Services, your servers will keep on performing at optimum levels! Stay relaxed and concentrate more on business with Web99!