Should you go to a Web-Designer for a competent and professional website?

This article might seem too harsh towards web-designers! But it’s better to be blunt and truthful instead of hiding behind a lie.

To understand the whole context, let’s start with the story of Oliver.

Oliver always wanted to be an entrepreneur. After graduating, he decides to start an online fashion store.

Understanding the clear need for an E-commerce website, Oliver hires an expert Web-designer for his online store. With a hefty investment of $4000, the whole web-designing process begins.

Oliver’s designer, being an expert in the field, delivers him a lavish and beautiful website! Oliver’s spirit is up, and he’s waiting for his first sale!

One month goes by, and………… Crickets are chirping everywhere! Even after such a hefty investment, he failed to get any actionable lead or sales.
Oliver’s got no idea about what went haywire and how he’s stuck with such a dumb website.

Fortunately, we do!

Several people mistake website designing as the only parameter which impacts sales, and this can’t be farther from the truth!
A successful and robust website, which churns out sales and leads, needs a comprehensive strategy. It includes robust programming, out-of-the-box marketing strategies, customized SEO and SEM campaigns, extensive testing for improved User experience, Authentic Content, and much more.

It is the mistake Oliver committed. Instead of understanding the needs of his potential customers, he decided to rely entirely on a well-designed website. And he failed.
For a successful online business, you must consider all the aspects mentioned above.
Following is the “to do” list for a successful online campaign

  • Carefully devised SEO and SEM campaigns
  • Regular security updates
  • Efficient functionality
  • Highly efficient website
  • Round the clock technical support

Carefully devised SEO and SEM campaigns.

Oliver thought a beautiful website ranks higher on Google’s SERPs. He was misinformed, but you are not! Without proper SEO marketing tactics, your website can not stay on top; it’s that simple. It would be best if you had a professional agency that can carefully devise an SEO and SEM campaign around your business goals.

Regular Security updates

A poorly maintained website is prone to attacks by hackers. If you are in an online business that stores personal details of customers, it becomes your legal responsibility to keep them secure.

Efficient functionality

A website is not built to sit there and look good. The purpose of the site is to deliver outstanding results, which can improve sales.

Round the clock technical support

In order to accommodate continuously changing needs and trends, your website should be scalable and easy to upgrade. For this purpose, you need round the clock tech-support from your website makers.

Now, after going all through this, do you think a freelancer web-designer can handle all this by himself? Absolutely not!

A freelancer cannot do the job which a professional IT company can. Freelancers lack resources, which makes them way less compatible then professional companies. With a team of Web designers, Web developers, Content writers, marketing experts, and IT geeks, firms like “Web99” can easily outclass freelancers.

A matured business owner would think and re-think before throwing away his/her hard-earned money to the “greenhorns” and “newbies.”

What should I do?

Do what you do the best; focus on your business! Let the professionals handle all your online business needs. You cannot do both jobs simultaneously.

Various professional IT firms like “Web99” provide a complete package including web design and development, AMC contracts, Social Media marketing campaigns, SEOs, and SEM campaigns and brand establishment.
The conclusion is quite clear; you cannot hand over the most crucial task of your business to a single graphic designer or developer. It would help if you had a diversified team to work on the website.
So, hire Professionals, grab a beer, and relax chill!