Top 5 Social Media Myths in 2021

Just like any marketing strategy, Social Media Marketing too is surrounded with a lot of myths.

It’s strange that even after a lot of factual data floating around, Businesses still believe in these myths

So we have decided to bust these myths, once & for all!

5 Social Media Marketing Myths

My customers do not use Social Media

  • In 2021, 20.5 million Australians are on Social Media. That’s almost 80% of the total Australian Population!
  • Either people are using social platforms like Facebook & Instagram to connect with family & friends.
  • Or professionals are using platforms like Linkedin to grow their Business.
  • In short, almost every Australian is on some Social Media platform.
  • So there will be at least one platform where you can easily find your customers.

Social Media Marketing can’t generate sales

  • When you post on Social Media, you increase your Brand’s exposure. More people come to know about your Brand.
  • As per a report, 54% of people with the internet use Social Media to search for a product or Business.
  • So when you are on Social Media, posting regularly effectively, you can generate a lot of sales.

Only young people use Social Media

  • Another myth that I wanted to bust a long time back! In Australia, 61% of people above 55 years use Social Media!
  • So if you are thinking only young people are using Social Media, think again!
  • Even if your target audience is above 45 or 50, Social Media is a great platform to market your product or service.

Paid Promotion is Social Media Marketing

  • No, it’s not! You cannot just keep burning your money on paid ads without optimising them.
  • You won’t get good results. You’ll end up spending more on ads than the revenue you will generate.
  • Social Media Marketing is much more than paid ads. You need to optimise your ad according to your target audience. For this, you’ll need some assistance from a Social Media Marketing agency.

My receptionist can manage my Social Media Marketing

  • We agree that your receptionist or your family member may have some knowledge about Social Media.
  • But that’s not enough. To run a successful Social Media Campaign, you need years of expertise, knowledge of multiple technical aspects, understanding the customer’s psyche & a lot of time.
  • So if your receptionist or a family member manages your Social Media, sooner or later, it will turn into a disaster.
  • So it’s better to connect with a Professional Social Media Marketing agency for the job.

Closing Remarks

We hope this piece of information will bust some of your myths too.

If used effectively, Social Media can be a great platform to boost your Business. But for this, you need to debunk the above myths first!