Web & App Development Services

Website Development

We create personalised websites that become the digital landmark for our customers. We offer innovative and progressive website development solutions that resonate with the evolving digital market. Our goal is to offer custom solutions that can help your business achieve its target of customer traffic in the competitive market.

Ecommerce Development

We intend to provide latest and efficient transactional tools for your e-commerce website to help grow your business. We are cognizant of the latest industry trends in e-commerce industry, thus we try to provide customized e-commerce solutions that would help you achieve your sales targets through online business transactions.

Mobile Application Development

We have Team of developers, designers and app architect’s expert in providing customised service driven mobile apps. Our mobile apps are designed in the most advanced technology with creative user interface to provide the most beautiful and functional user experience to your target audience.

Web App/Software Development

We are fully customised web application development provider experienced in providing solutions that improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Our team members are skilled in innovative technology and market trends to deliver high performance, reactive and sophisticated web applications.

API Development & Integration
We develop & integrate enterprise grade APIs that facilitate exchange of information (Data) between various systems without requiring to detailed understanding of all involved systems. We have experienced team that ensures all APIs development and integrations are effectively powerful, error-free, secure, and user-technology friendly.
Plugins Development
We develop custom plugins in different technology platforms to suit your business requirements and help our customers to integrate business plugins with the host and let your site run smooth and effectively.

Our advanced Web & app development Features for accomplish success

We have unique features that give our customer a Leading position against their competitors. Our service features are effective and result drive to take your business on the path of success.

Bespoke Web Development

All our web development services are customised as per the business requirements. With bespoke development we can design and build a system that makes thing easy and gives the best experience possible with all the functionality that you need.

Expert Consulting

Our experienced and dedicated team provide you pro-active support and help to redefine your business process. Our experts analyse your requirement and create a plan to deliver your required product in record time.

Multi Device Friendly

All web developments are fully responsive to multiple devices such as mobile, computer, notepad, smartwatch, TV to broaden your business reach.

Latest Web Technologies

Our development team work with latest open source technology like WordPress, PHP, AJAX, Python, Django, DHTML, MySQL, Apache and Linux, this improves adaptability and reduce licensing cost.

Professionally Scripted

All our web developments are professionally designed from top to bottom & right to left. “It’s not a DIY”

Fixed Price

Web 99 team always believe in delivering outstanding solutions for all the projects. All our development and maintenance contracts come with fix price so there are no hiccups later on.

Newest Security Standards

We ensure to deploy the advanced Security standards that keep your business data secure.

Multi Industry Experience

We cover Any industry and Any functionality. We possess a diverse clientele.

No Freelancer

We guarantee for not using any Freelancer in any of our business process which reduces the risk of confidentiality and work quality.

Any Scale any Industry

We have experience of providing services to large multinationals in variety of sectors.

We have developed strategic work flow for successful digital marketing solutions

We work on result & research driven work flow to take your business on path of success. We have strategic Web & app development process that assures that development get done with highest quality.
Requirement Gathering
Analyse and Architecture
Launch and Maintain
Requirement Gathering

For enterprises grade software development to a simple new start up business logo designing project, this is the phase where our team stress-test every aspect of project. We want to know what is the idea, projection, target audience, product and also about perception of business. This is the phase where our expert strategists challenge norms and face-lift business plans.

This is to design strong foundation for that can withheld business ideas, branding and business projection (KPI’s) to provide you success against market trends, and focused target audience.

The primary stage of development will include requirement gathering using customised checklist. This checklist covers information of client’s vision, “digital” concept, target audience, content needs to be created and potential competitors.

Analyse and Architecture

Web Portal Development :

After reviewing & analysing check list our professional Web architect will lay-up a prototype of how the web portal will look & perform, so that client get a clear view of the end product. We ensure prototype covers core elements of usability, creativity and innovation to make online experience engaging and memorable.

Software and Mobile app development:

Our expert software architect will analyse your requirement and design flow of Software or Mobile app. This flow will explain all functionality and modules that will be developed for client. We will also discuss elements for Graphical user interface to match clients current branding and marketing profile.


Web Portal Development:

After the wireframes content positioning are finalized for web portal development, our designing team will proceed with the static mock-up designs. We will upload your web design to demo link for client review of design.

Software and Mobile App Development:

We create GUI (Graphical user interface) of Software and Mobile app development for client review. This will give feeling to the client about the user experience.

We will also discuss and if require gather contents for web-portal, software and mobile app in this phase. This phase will also determine the type of required content that will entertain, educate, persuade and convert potential target audience. This content may include but not limited to written text, photos, reviews, videos, social media account, and other relevant data.

We will provide finished mock up design with demo content to client and will go through round of revisions as specified in the proposal. This will be the last chance for client to make decision based on mock up design and layout before it enters in development phase. Any Design changes at development phase are much more time consuming and rick blowing out delivery dates and budgets.


Once the prototype is confirmed, we develop hand-written codes to make sure that the website is enriched with amazing cross browser capability. We are one of the few companies in Australia who do not use online templates in development of a website.


We have in house testing team to review all web portals, software and mobile applications. This Testing team covers following aspects in testing

  • Functionality testing
  • Usability testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Traffic testing
  • Interface testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Localization
Launch and Maintain

After the website is launched, we ensure it retains its high quality by refining the various usability elements based on user experience. Ultimately, it opens doors to what website needs – user traffic and conversations.

Once site goes online, Web99 will offer ongoing maintenance service that includes regular updates, security monitoring, periodic backups, bandwidth management, and domain renewals.