Why should you avoid freelancers by all means?

With more and more people opting to work on their own at dirt-cheap prices, “free-lancing” culture is on the rise. It’s quite obvious to get attracted to them as they offer big promises at a negligible cost. Numerous companies fall for this trap that ultimately costs them dearly. Through our years of experience in the field, we can assure you to hire a freelancer for your business is neither cost-effective in the long run,nor it’s safe for your business.

Let’s get through them one by one.

Risking your confidential data:

It’s understandable that if you want someone to work for you, you will have to share every minute detail of your business with that person. In this case, it means sharing your confidential data like client’s information, your annual turnovers, access codes to your security system, details of your financial transactions, and much more! Can you even fathom how risky this can be?

In general, we can’t even imagine sharing our maiden name with an unknown person. Here, we are talking about sharing every critical detail of your business! That’s simply not safe. Is it hard to imagine how your’s and your client’s data can be used illegally? Evidently not. Numerous cases of data theft by freelancers are reported daily. All these information points in one direction, you cannot place your confidential data in the hands of freelancers.

They can steal your idea

Imagine you have a groundbreaking approach for a mobile application. You have done extensive research on a particular issue and have come up with a creative solution. Now you want to build a customised app around that idea. To save a few bucks, you decide to opt for a freelancer from some other part f the world, whom you have never met personally. You sign some paper-work, make a payment, and become worry-free.

Weeks pass, months pass, still you are nowhere close to getting your app ready. Meanwhile, you come across a mobile app that looks exactly like the app you were planning to launch and performs exactly like the app you envisioned. The only difference is, IT’S NOT YOUR APP!

Such incidents are common in the market. There are people out there who are ready to steal your idea the moment they get a chance. Freelancers don’t have any practical legal obligations, and hence they can get away with almost anything. Unlike registered companies, they don’t even have a valid address. This makes them very dangerous for your business.

They might steal your customer’s data

I knew a guy named William, who had this great idea of some online grocery store. He got his website ready from a freelancer whom he met online. That freelancer promised him the site at a low price and even delivered it on time! William was bemused and happy at the same time!

Months passed, and as the business scaled, so did the complaints from customers. Numerous allegations regarding unauthorised credit card transactions, hacking of social media accounts, and emails against his website piled up. A handful of customers even sued William for their losses. Further investigation revealed that the guy from whom William got his website build, used to steal all the private information, and used that information to con William’s customers.
There are hundreds of cases out there like poor William. So in all sense, it’s better to avoid freelancers.

They might run away with your money, and you can’t do anything about it
Freelancers don’t have a registered office, don’t have ABN and are highly unreliable. They always demand payment upfront or have some trick up their sleeve to get money from you without doing satisfactory work. Practically, no jurisdiction applies to them as you don’t know where they are working from in reality. Such backyard freelancers are potentially risky for your business and your money.
If you think, by signing a single piece of paper, you can hold them responsible during a breach of contract, then you are leaving in a fool’s paradise!

Long story cut short, hiring a freelancer is a high-risk gamble that you should avoid at all costs. People might argue that all freelancers are not frauds. I completely agree with them. But the question is, What if you get stuck with one?
So it’s always better to hire professional Software companies like Web99, which can help you realise your business goal with full commitment and dedication.

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