Why use G-Suite?

G-Suite or Google’s Suite is a package of business-grade apps associated with your business domain. Google launched this service in 2006 under the name google apps, then rebranded to G-Suite in 2014. G-Suite is a package that gives your business advantage of entire office suite applications, online storage and business-class professional email. Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, Google+, Hangouts which are used for communication purpose and Drive for storage while Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites for collaboration. There are several apps provided by Google, which are free of cost for the consumers.

Many people think why to get GSuite when Google provides apps for Free. We have enlisted the difference between consumer Google Apps and Business-class Gsuite.

Build teams to Build your Business with G-Suite, At just 8.20 per account per month this is the cheapest way to increase efficiency of your teams

We helped many clients to move to Gsuite, G-Suite helps you to build your credibility and relationships with other business & consumers. G-suite email service comes with the reliability that Gmail has grown since 2004, with more than 5 billion business users worldwide. One of the coolest things which G-Suite offers is that it gives you a custom email address at a domain (@yourdomain.com) which looks even more professional and creates a separate brand for your company. So, Functional domain access management is possible, and it’s one of the best ways to get email on your domain.

To promote and improve your business, direct conversation with the customers is the most important thing. Google Hangouts provide you live video conference with people & team member. It supports text, audio and video on the web, android as well as in iOS. G-Suite provides you with some extra features, especially for the business purpose where you can share the screens along with the participants. It also integrates with Google Calendars, and admin can also customise some controls in it.

Google hangout with GSuite gives you the ability to add up to multiple participants. You can interact with your team-mates as well as with your customers anywhere at any time.

Plan your work first and then work your plan

Google Calendars can play a crucial role in managing the daily schedule for your business. It helps to plan the program and also allows customers and the public to see upcoming business events. Gsuite package gives you an ability to share the calendar with team members, so everyone can be on the same page when it comes to meeting and appointments. Its integration with other all Google sites makes the users work much more accessible and convenient. All the Business meetings, Birthdays everything can be planned and scheduled it. It also reminds by giving notification before the event which is yet to happen so that you cannot skip any important dates. It is very much easy to access as it is user-friendly and it is entirely free of cost for the users. Along with this, Google Spreadsheets, Forms, Slides and Documents help you to collaborate and

No Space don’t worry, Store and share in the cloud with unlimited storage options

It also provides an option for unlimited cloud storage, but the storage capacity depends on the plan which you choose. The Basic plan suites for professional office purpose, which gives you up to 30GB of storage for every employee meanwhile the Business plan and Enterprise plan offers unlimited cloud storage or 1TB based on the number of users. It also means that your company won’t ever lose data or documents because all the changes in Google documents get automatically saved and backed up to a Google cloud. You can upload any files in the cloud as well as you can sync these files between all the other platforms.

One of the best things about G-Suite is you get an enhanced ad-free version it means the users do not see any advertisements while using the services. Also, information and data in G-Suite accounts are not used for advertising purposes where it provides tight security and management with 24*7 technical support to the customers. So your data and devices are entirely secured in G-Suite.

Pocket-Friendly, all in one business class tool package, gives you freedom to work from anywhere

Gsuite comes with various business apps and tools that help you to connect your business domain & branding to all communication, whether its file-sharing to telephony set up. Gsuite apps are easily accessible from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and even from some TVs. Hence it makes it easy to work from any location.

Business-class security and controls, at the most competitive rate in the market

Gsuite gives you an ability to not just control users, but also Manage your company’s devices and data, with 24/7 support and tools that give you the control you need. G-Suite raised its prices recently for the first time, which competes directly with Microsoft 365 where the monthly cost of Microsoft 365 business versions varies from $8.25 to $15 per user. G-Suite Basic has increased its price from $8.20 per user per month to $5, while the price of G-Suite Business increased from $10 to $12 per user per month. However, still, the G-Suite Enterprise runs with the same cost of $25 per user per month.
This is why in web99 we prefer G-Suite as it is easy to access and it is faster as well. There won’t be any trust issues in G-suit as it secures your data and device. There are tremendous advantages in G-Suite, and it is the main reason why we prefer it as we love to explore the infinity.

We are an official reseller of Gsuite Services, and we provide integration, set up, migration of data, and other Gsuite services.

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