Dr Ersoy Kumsuz

About Dr Ersoy Kumsuz :

We are located on the corner of Helena st and Auburn Rd in Auburn and have been offering Dental Services in the area since 2002. We aim to provide the highest level of treatment at very competitive pricing ensuring quality dental treatment is available to all in the community.
Our practice is unique in that we implement the use of OZONE to aid in keeping our dental unit water lines free of any contamination from bacteria, viruses and fungi. We take pride in ensuring our infection control protocols are of the highest standard.
We also use Ozone gas to disinfect dental cavities, root canals and surgical wounds. We have both male and female dentists available, and our dentists speak Turkish, Arabic as well as Farsi. All our Dental Practitioners are graduates of the University of Sydney and practice to a very high standard.

Project Overview


Website Designing

Website annual maintenance

Gsuite Professional Email service.


Dr Ersoy Kumsuz approached us for the development of a brand new website. They wanted a site that is responsive, easy to maintain, and personalized. They didn’t require


We developed a website for Dr Ersoy Kumsuz from information supplied in the first phase using our checklist. Along with the website, We created Gsuite account for professional email service for Dr Ersoy Kumsuz.


Dr Ersoy Kumsuz newly developed website has given their customer a portal to keep in touch with the clinic. Also, the online booking form helped the customer to convert more inquiries into appointments. Gsuite professional email service helped our customer to get their email organised professionally. Our annual maintenance service helped Dr Kumsuz to stay worried free about his business website’s security, regular updates, hosting, and traffic loading.

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