4 “must-know points” before getting your Business Website ready

Websites are changing the world like never before. Every business, irrespective of its Geographical location or business domain, is riding on this Digital Tsunami. Websites are bringing prospects and businesses closer than ever with interactive content and helpful information. It’s no surprise if you are planning to go full Digital with your new Website.

But before you enter this digital warfare, make sure you have enough ammo! Having necessary industry insight is crucial so that you can explain your web-developer in a better way about your website-needs. It can help your web-developer in delivering better results promptly with an optimum budget.

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is your relationship with web-developer will be long-lasting. So, you must choose your web-development partner wisely! Coming to the point, let’s understand 4 things that you should keep in mind during the process of web development.

Web development is a Dynamic process

Time and again, we come across numerous “too eager” and very excited clients (rightly so!) to launch their website. But, as a client, one thing you should understand is, with websites, there are no particular “completion dates”. Rather, web-development is a process that is dynamic in nature. With evolving business, your website needs numerous add-ons to fit in the growing needs of your Business. Every major website on the Internet gets updates and makeovers at regular intervals. This helps your website stay relevant with the current trends.

Platforms on which websites work receive regular upgrades making older websites obsolete. Video formats, codes and supporting technologies that help your website run smoothly changes with time. What was considered ‘revolutionary technology” in 2015 might be outdated by now. Can you imagine using the G-mail of 2004 today? Not at all, it will look outdated and messy. But remember, it was revolutionary at that time. Point being, your website needs regular modification and upgrades to be relevant and engaging. This makes your web-development process dynamic. So, it’s vital to understand, when it comes to a website, there is nothing like a destination, its’ a continuous journey (an adventurous one for sure!)

Website that Delivers

The ultimate goal of a website is to get you more traffic and more conversion. If your website can’t do that, there is no reason for having one, even if it’s beautiful. Focusing only on aesthetics and designing of a website might be a grave error in the long run. Good looking website surely pique visitors’ interest but if your website is a dud or sluggish or filled with useless content, visitors will lose their interest and will bounce away.

So, the goal here must be to develop a website that helps you in keeping your visitors engaged. With useful information and easy to navigate design, your website will ensure visitors spend more time resulting in better sales. Filtering out unnecessary information, images and animations make your website lightweight and responsive.

The originality of the content on your website is of utmost importance. If a visitor feels your content is generic, he/she will leave the page costing you a potential customer. So, before getting your website ready, make sure your developer uses original content.

Customisation is the key!

There are almost 200 million active websites on the internet. To make your website cognizable, it needs to be unique. There are many digital agencies and web development companies that offer websites at dirt-cheap prices. Reason? They provide websites designed with ready-made templates, giving your website a generic look. Such websites are customisable, but up to a certain extent only. You cannot get everything that you want for your business with such websites. This means, even after spending money, you will have to fit your business according to the website and not the other way around. It makes no sense of opting for ready-made templates.

With a fully customised web site, you get everything crafted as per your business. Moreover, such websites are highly scalable and you can easily integrate numerous add-ons in the future. With customised websites, you get 24×7 technical support as the developer has a clear understanding of every aspect of the website. Such websites can offer a unique and refreshing user experience to the visitor resulting in more traffic and better conversion.

Of course, customised websites are a bit costly, but that money is well spent. Also, in the longer run, ready-made websites prove more costly than customised ones. Hence, it better to spend a bit more right now and get a useful product!

Avoid Freelancers

If you are looking for a new website, now and then you will get a pop-up ad providing a freelance website designing solutions. But beware! Avoid such traps. There is much more to the website than just designing. You need a team of dedicated experts to handle your website and to keep it running. A freelancer, with expertise in just one field, cannot do that efficiently (No hard feelings, freelancers!).

Moreover, freelancers work on numerous projects at a time and hence they cannot guarantee punctuality in their service. Working with free-lancers comes with safety issues too. You cannot and should not entrust virtually all of your business to an unknown person. It’s simply not safe. Instead, hire a dedicated Digital Agency with the necessary expertise and experience. With a professional Digital Agency, you get full-suite web-development services like SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC, backend support and customised product.

Thus, getting an efficient website that helps your business to scale can be a daunting task. So, it’s better to behave a Good Digital Agency at your disposal.

These are just a few things that you should keep in mind while getting your website ready. There are many other factors that affect your web development process. To know more about them, visit us on: www.web99.com