How can Businesses benefit from G Suite

The modern technology has decentralized the businesses and has encouraged the culture of teamwork. The ability to communicate and coordinate across the hierarchy while utilizing the internet has resulted in proven efficiency among the organizations. In order to support businesses in their routine tasks, that require coordination among employees at all levels while maintaining the privacy and security of organizations; Google has come up with G Suite app. This app is designed to provide businesses with a single platform where they can perform all the fundamental tasks of Connect, Create, Access, and Control all under one roof.

Imagine all your business documents, spreadsheets, presentations all are available in one place, while you are also able to communicate instantly through a single chat room with your subordinates and peers; conduct meetings without going to meeting rooms, access data through an online drive that you can easily edit, format and share with anyone in the organization. All these tasks can be coordinated and maintained through a single service of G Suite. How cool can that be! You do not need to rely on overflooding hard disk to keep your documents while you can access them anytime, anywhere and from a single account on Google.

How are Businesses Using G Suite?

Woolworths is Australia’s largest online grocery, food, and home appliances store that has adopted the G Suite Application. Their innovative approach is to serve customers with technologically advanced options to shop online from their homes or via their apps on smart devices. This has instigated the need to provide their employees with intuitive technology that helps them to collaborate effectively while giving access to the right data and information from any location. While adapting the new technology of G Suite, Woolworths recently allowed its employees to work from anywhere. That must be an exhilarating feeling for employees who can easily work from the comfort of their homes or from any cafe just because of this useful G Suite tool.

How can your Business Utilize G Suite?
As of now, you must have realized what this google app is all about and what is it capable of doing? The app is basically an efficient way to allow users to collaborate, communicate and create useful information that would improve the work efficiency and help organizations make faster decisions.

Connect & Communicate

Gmail-  Google offers the most powerful email feature of Gmail in the world that is available online and offline with a 30GB storage. You can create a custom email for your business like (@yourcompanyname). 

Calendar- A calendar feature is also an important tool that you can use to schedule meetings with clients and colleagues. You can easily edit or update the schedule from your phone or tablet.

Hangout- It is the most convenient chat room for conducting instant conversations. You can save time and money with video/ audio and chat options to communicate with your employees. Your entire team can connect through a single chat window to discuss projects via their tablets, PC, laptop or smartphones.

Google Plus- If you want to share any information or interesting post related to your business or that can attract your customers, you can use Google+ platform to have a social presence along with other social platforms. Though it is not very popular among the public, it can be used to make a viable presence in the eyes of Google.

Real-time Collaboration
This feature of G Suite ensures real-time collaboration of your team members through documents, spreadsheets, and slides. The feature is aimed to provide you conduct projects online where all the team members can collaborate on the same document from anywhere they want. You can add people, allow them to edit, update and share documents. You can track changes, highlight them, add comments and ask questions through built-in chat within the document. The feature is easily compatible as you can import Word and PDF files as well.

Online Storage The My Drive feature allows you to keep all your files and folders stored online. You can access and share important documents and files from anywhere. In fact, you can invite others quickly to collaborate, view or download any file without the hassle of an email attachment.
The files kept in Drive are automatically updated and saved so you can always get the latest version in case of an abrupt shutdown.

Secured Management If you think that keeping important documents online would be vulnerable to security breach then you are certainly wrong. G Suite offers state-of-the-art security and privacy options. The centralized administration helps to add or remove people and lost devices with two-step verifications through a mobile phone. Also, it allows securing data by enforcing security policies on employee’s devices.

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