How consistent Social Media presence to build your brand with?

One thing that brands need to understand is, Social media is much more than an advertising platform. It has become one of the most potent tools for brands to interact, communicate, and connect with their customers.

It can be used to build trust and a loyal customer base. After all, there is nothing more valuable than loyal customers who buy regularly!

Building trust is not an overnight job. It takes a lot of effort, focus, and dedication. But, following these pro-tips, you can slowly but steadily cultivate trust for sure!

Let’s get going!

Listen to your customer

You cannot build trust through one-way communication. It’s critical to listen to what your customers have to say.

Understanding their pain points can help you create content that is helpful to your customers in some way. More than 50 % of the people who interact with brands on Social want to be heard.
So don’t disappoint them!

Respond ASAP

Studies suggest that around 35% of customers expect replies from their respective brands in an hour! Speeding up your response establishes you as a brand that cares for its customers and is trustworthy.

Failure to do so might anger your customers, and you definitely don’t want them to vent their anger on Social Media!

Give a human touch to your response

Although an automated reply is a quick way to respond, nothing beats the human interaction with your customer! It might not be possible for you to respond to every comment if you have a massive following, but try to interact as much as possible.

Communicate with them using their first name, be friendly & supportive, and assure them that you are always there to help.

Add a fun side to your Social Media Campaign

Nobody wants to listen to your sales pitch daily! Do not irritate your followers and readers with constant ad bombardment. Use something that intrigues them and makes them cheerful.

Add humorous images, GIFs, and videos to your Social Media after weekends and holidays to lift their mood!

Conclusive thoughts

Around 80 % of the customers want brands that “care and understand” them, not as customers, but as humans. And what’s the better platform than Social media for engagement and interaction in the most efficient way?

At Web99, we offer specialized Social media campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to improve your engagement and build trust amongst the customers!

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