4 key areas that affect your website’s user experience

Businesses are striving to deliver an exceptional user experience to their customers. The intention is to retain the first time customers and create brand loyalty.

Retained customers tend to buy more, and hence, they are vital for any business. Today, the first engagement of almost every company with its customer is the website. So it becomes critical to offer an unforgettable user experience that will prompt him/her to make repeated visits.

In this piece, we will discuss four key factors that affect your website’s user experience. Once you ensure that your website is performing well in these areas, you will be able to engage and retain more of your customers.

Let’s begin!


With the rising influence of Smartphones, more than 52% of total traffic comes from mobile users. If your website fails to respond efficiently to a mobile device, you will be losing a big chunk of traffic and potential customers.

So ensure you have an all-platform compatible website that responds well, especially on mobile.


No visitor is going to spend ages waiting for your site to load. Customers, especially the millennials and Gen Z, are infamously impatient! Industry data suggests that if your website fails to load in 3 seconds, these visitors will bounce off to your competitor’s site.

With just a couple of seconds to impress visitors and keep then engaged, optimize your website speed as much as you can!


People are arguably more focused on how they felt, instead of what they got. So when you have not more than 3 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention, ensure that you have eliminated even the micro flaws in your design.

Your site must be designed in a way that it delivers value and flawless user experience.


A well-structured and easy to navigate website always gets a thumbs up from visitors and Google alike. When visitors effortlessly find what they are looking for, they will keep coming back.

Moreover, the well-structured website creates a positive impression on Google and prompts it to rank your website higher!

Sum up

The primary goal of your website is to improve your conversion rate. There is no meaning of driving much traffic if it doesn’ convert. So keep working on your website’s user experience, and you will get amazing results.

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