A Strategic SEO campaign demands proper planning

Nowadays, you can get your SEO done even at the dirt-cheap price of $499! Yes, that’s possible, but the question is, should you opt for them? Are such SEOs the right choice for you? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Have you ever, in your lifetime, saw a billboard or hoarding of Rolls Royce or Bentley bragging about their competitive price tag? That’s not going to happen. Can you imagine why? The reason is that quality products don’t come cheap. The same goes for SEO. No digital marketing company can predefine the budget of any SEO client without understanding their Business.

So, if someone is offering such “too good to be true” deals, close your eyes and run!
Quoting a budget for any SEO client is a tricky job. Depending on business goals, locality, and target audience, the budget of two similar clients can vary vastly. So promising to accomplish improbable tasks at a meager price is very unprofessional. We believe in promising what we can deliver and not the vice-versa!

A strategic SEO campaign demands proper planning, a dedicated team of experts, many resources, and hard work. You can not expect to get all these at $499, can you? Remember, every penny you spend on your SEO will be coming back to you in multiples, IF YOU SPEND THEM WISELY!

Then there are few BIG-SHOT SEO firms, who burn a big hole in your pocket with big names and even bigger promises!

With numerous so-called “SEO” experts popping up every day, it’s becoming more challenging to filter out the few genuine ones.

On the contrary, Web99 is a tightly knitted group of dedicated individuals, that is driven by the ulterior goal of helping our clients grow.

We can brag "We Are Different" because WE ARE!"

We are in the industry since the inception of G-mail! We have seen many Giants rise and fall! How do you think we survived and are scaling rapidly than ever before? What makes us unique in the market is our approach towards any client. We don’t treat clients like an invoice number! We only work with a limited number of clients to whom we can promise a guaranteed Success.

We are a result-driven and focused group of SEO experts that works to help our client scale high on the success ladder. We are very transparent when it comes to the financial discussion and don’t charge above or below what was agreed. We take our commitment very seriously and will go to any length to make your campaign a successful one. Our goal is to get you optimum ROI without any fake promises. With us, you will find a team that will act as a family as far as your Business is concerned. You will get complete assistance throughout our journey together and beyond!

We believe in a Vision, rather than a short term goal.

Freelancers and some so-called SEOs might get you a massive (but mostly useless) traffic in a matter of weeks through various black hat tactics. That might look attractive, but remember, such tactics might attract the heft penalty from Google. Google can de-rank such websites resulting in unbearable financial losses.

At Web99, we believe in quality. Our motto is to retain as many old customers for our clients as we can and draw more! That can be achieved with white-hat practices, Website auditing, optimizing their performance, and changing the content strategically. Such a procedure takes time. We help our client to build their brand with a set of loyal customers that lasts long! After all, it’s a blessing to have such loyal customers in the days when people hop from one brand to another in days!

Spending more is not a solution!

You might think instead of hiring cheap SEOs, you should go for some Big-wigs in the industry that charge you a fortune. But, that’s not a solution! Such giants sign a contract with you and outsource their work to some freelancers! Same result, but with more expenses!
At Web99, one team takes one project at a time. That helps us to concentrate our efforts on making your campaign a successful one. You’ll get following benefits by opting Web99:

  • You are in control. We keep our process fully transparent, so you can know what’s going on with your project any time you want.
  • We will help you build your brand from scratch
  • We strictly adhere to business ethics and don’t outsource our work to freelancers ensuring complete security of your data.
  • Your growth is our success matrix, and hence we work accordingly.