Five reasons why you should hire a professional SEO agency.

With more and more people opting to work from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, companies must focus more on reaching their target audience at home. The only channel that can be helpful in the current scenario is Digital Marketing. Your website can come to your rescue in the times when people are afraid of any physical contact due to the looming pandemic. A website can expand your Business to every corner of the world while you sit back at your home safe!

But, to appear on the top results of SERPs, it’s vital to have an efficient SEO campaign. A customized SEO campaign can land you on the top spots of SERPs, resulting in better organic traffic and compelling leads. So, it’s crystal clear that for a better performing website, an effective SEO is a must. The question in focus is, “Should you do it yourself, or go for a professional agency?”

As the people with the exposure towards SEO know, numerous criteria need to be satisfied for a successful SEO campaign. Management of workforce, money, skills, technology, and experience might prove too complicated for some business owners. Simply hiring an expensive SEO might hurt your company’s budget and goals in the long-term. One thing that you should clearly understand is, SEO is not a one-person job. If your in-house SEO promises you that he/she can handle all your optimisation stuff by himself/herself, take your money and run! An effective SEO campaign needs a professional and experienced team, period.

What is a “Professional SEO Agency”?

It is a company that offers wide-ranging SEO solutions to various businesses. Hiring a professional SEO agency can help you in many ways. They have just the right resources and workforce to handle the job. SEO can be complicated for start-ups and established businesses alike. SEO might prove disastrous in terms of money and results if done by an inexperienced employee.

Professional SEO agencies like Web99 rank in experts from the various fields associated with SEO and can help you scale on the SERPs. They provide numerous services like developing customised SEO campaigns, site audits, improved visibility, and diverting more organic traffic towards your website. Result-driven agencies like Web99 follow all the best practices to ensure you get maximum ROI(Return in Investment).

You might be skeptical of letting a third-party into the inner circle of your Business, and believe me, I would be too! Your SEO knows about every single detail of your Business. Thus, it’s critical to choose a trustworthy and established SEO agency for the safety and security of your Business. With “god knows how many” SEO agencies out there, the key is opting for the right one, and you are good to go!

Benefits of Outsourcing SEO

“Ready to go” from the start

Hiring a professional agency gives you a head-start ensuring you start getting results from day one. Professional agencies have a vast resource of experts at their disposal, resulting in a better and effective SEO campaign. They can start working in practically no time once you hire them. An experienced team can handle the task much better than a lonesome warrior, wouldn’t you agree?

If you hire an in-house SEO, it will take time for him/her to understand your Business, establish necessary setup, gather a team, and start working. Not being too harsh, but it’s quite clear that in-house SEO needs much time before they start delivering.

It’s cost-efficient

This might seem far-fetched, but the fact is, out-sourcing SEO can be very cost-effective in the long run. SEOs are always in-demand in the Digital Space. So, if you hire in-house SEOs, they come with a hefty price tag. With in-house SEO comes a setup for them to work, a dedicated team, and other employee benefits too. You might feel hiring an in-house SEO is cost-effective, but trust me, it’s not!

If you hire a professional agency, it can help you save some serious bucks on office setups, gadgets, and other expenses. Agencies have a well-oiled and well-established mechanism for every client, and hence they can pass on their benefits to their customers. So, YES, OUTSOURCING SEO IS COST EFFECTIVE.

Not every marketing guy can handle SEO

If you are planning to teach a few SEO tricks to your regular employees and gain useful traffic from them, you will fail. This is as sugar-coated as it can be! SEO is a tedious job, except for a few! Going through enormous data, finding effective keywords, analysing their performance, and making micro-changes in the website are the few things to start with!

Do you think your regular marketing guys can handle such kind of stress? Not possible at all. So, pass on the task of SEO to a professional agency and divert your workforce towards something creative, something less cliché. This can benefit both your Business as well as your employee.

Keeping pace with evolving technologies

Numerous tools are used by SEO professionals to handle the daunting task of SEO. But as with every other aspect of the Digital world, these tools and trends change at a rapid pace. So it’s vital to use the latest tools and technologies to be more productive.

Agencies are well-equipped to handle such challenging tasks, unlike an inhouse SEO who has to handle all the work with limited resources.

Out of the box thinking

Professional agencies handle work from a plethora of clients that gives them a full exposure towards the things that work. Unlike an in-house SEO, who has to think of ideas while confined to his/her cubicle or office, professional agencies tackle such tasks regularly. This gives them a clear edge over their in-house competitor (if they can be called so!).

Professional agencies can come up with new ideas and solutions as they are in constant touch with the Digital world. Thus, they are very well-suited to handle whatever you throw at them in terms of marketing.


Hiring a professional SEO agency can prove to be a very positive decision if you choose the right one! So always perform a thorough check before hiring an SEO agency as this might determine to be a turning point. Chose right, market well, and prosper!

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